One Guy From Italy Lubbock and Tech Tortilla Throwing Tradition

One Guy from Italy and Tech Tortilla Throwing GIF

Two iconic places and traditions in Lubbock, Texas every Red Raider football fan knows and loves. First, eating a pre-game calzone at One Guy From Italy on University Blvd before the first whistle blows. Seasoned dough crust, oozing cheese, and packed with meat. Delicious.

Second, finding your seat in Jones Stadium with a contraband pack of flour tortillas to throw at kick-off. When the official's whistle blows and the Raider kicker strikes the football the tortillas will fly! Tortilla on the twenty.

Now, we present to you the culmination of these two iconic moments into one solid GIF. One Guy From Italy and Tortilla Throwing. Go Raiders! Wreck it!

Enjoy and share this GIF with your Red Raider friends.

Texas Tech tradition tortilla throw at Red Raider Football games

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