Petition to Legalize Throwing Tortillas at Tech Football Games

Petition to Legalize Throwing Tortillas at Tech Football Games

In the divisive world of politics today it is hard to get clarity around the major and minor issues related to the country's needs. If only our representatives in government were tapped into issues like this -- "Legalize throwing tortillas in Texas Tech University's Jones AT&T Stadium."

This petition was a valiant effort to get support from our country leaders in one of the most important issues of the day. Can we throw tortillas at Texas Tech football games or not? Raider fans want to know the answer to this pressing issue. Texas Tech Red Raider Tortilla Throwing Petition for Football Games

Lets take a closer look at the details of this specific legislation idea. It was signed into existence on six years ago, in 2017, and got 7,548 supporters on board to move this critical piece of legislation to adoption into law.

The Tortilla Throwing Petition States:

"In 1989, it was noted that Texas Tech fans would throw their drink cup lids on the field during kickoff. Come 1992, Texas A&M was coming to Lubbock for a huge rivalry game, and a sportscaster noted that all there was here in Lubbock was Texas Tech and a tortilla factory. With that in mind, students began raining tortillas onto the field during games, and a new tradition was born. However, the NCAA and Tech administration has tried to squash this new culture by invoking penalties for such actions and pushing a ban on tortillas at the stadium.

This is a xenophobic action to prevent the spread of the tortillabro culture from our great Red Raider nation and to silence our traditions and practices dating back to the beginning of time and the founding of the Matadors, who used to only eat tortillas. We throw them on the field to symbolize feeding the matadors, to power our team to glory. As the restriction on the tortilla tossing has increased, our production has decreased.

Additionally, tortillas are completely harmless, and realistically there's enough wasted downtime with televised football that the time spent picking them up is but a drop in the bucket.

I think we can compromise with the NCAA and Texas Tech administrators if not fully move to continue this sacred Texas Tech tradition. Our tortillas cannot block out the sun if we cannot throw them.

 This petition might be Texas Tech's problem, but it goes beyond that. College football and universities as a whole revolve around tradition. The thing that makes going to college in the United States special is the unique identity and flavor of each school, as you assume your place into that family. Nobody should be robbed of their culture. Texas A&M and the University of Texas had an issue with the Aggie Bonfire, in which students were killed when the massive fire collapsed due to sabotage. However, in spite of actual fatalities during a massive fire, the Bonfire lives on. Why can't Texas Tech have something as harmless as throwing tortillas in our stadium?

Make Texas Tech great again.

Edit: it has come to my attention that some of my research or wording is slightly off or what have you, but the errors involve the emphasis and have no bearing on the message nor the drive for change we are pushing."

So, are you a supporter? Or are you against throwing tortillas at Texas Tech football games. While this petition failed on are we going to give up our future rights as raider fans? What is next for the future of our Red Raider traditions? 

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