Texas Tech Football Game Tortilla Towel Student Giveaway

Throwback to Texas Tech Game Day Tortilla Towels

The atmosphere at Jones AT&T Stadium in 2018 was electric as the #25 ranked Texas Tech Red Raiders took on their conference foes from across the country, #12 ranked West Virginia. However, this game was different from any other as the Texas Tech Football Department had a surprise for their fans in attendance.

Before the game, the football department passed out tortilla towels to students to wave during the game. The towels, emblazoned with tortillas, quickly became a hit as they added to the already incredible atmosphere of the stadium. The towels were seen being waved by fans all over the stadium, and the students were thrilled to receive such a unique souvenir.

Texas Tech Football Game Tortilla Towel Giveaway 2018 Lubbock

The tradition of throwing tortillas at Texas Tech games goes back several decades. It started in the early 1990s when a group of students brought several bags of tortillas to a game and began throwing them on the field at kickoff. The tradition has since evolved into throwing tortillas in the air during the game, waving tortilla towels, and it has become a staple at Texas Tech football games.

The decision to give out tortilla towels was a stroke of genius by the Texas Tech Football Department. The towels not only added to the atmosphere, but they also provided a practical use for fans. The temperature in Lubbock can be scorching during football season, and the towels provided a way for fans to cool off while also showing their support for the team.

The game itself was a nail-biter, with both teams exchanging leads throughout the game. The fans were on their feet the entire time, waving their tortilla towels in the air and cheering on the Red Raiders. In the end, Texas Tech emerged victorious, losing by a score of 42-34.

The tortilla towels were a huge hit, and fans are already looking forward to the next game where they can wave them again. The Texas Tech Football Department deserves credit for coming up with such a creative and fun way to engage with the fans and create a memorable experience for everyone in attendance.

In conclusion, the Texas Tech Football Department hit a home run with the tortilla towel giveaway. The towels added to the already fantastic atmosphere of the stadium, provided practical use for fans, and created a unique gift for the fans.

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