Who has the best tortillas for Texas Tech Football Games in Lubbock?

Who has the Best Tortillas in Lubbock for Football Games?

If you want to go to a Texas Tech Red Raider football game and take a package of tortillas into the game with you where is the best place to get tortillas? Do you want quality or quantity? Commercially made or custom bespoke tortillas? Here are some answers to your football fun game day preparations.

High Quality Freshly Made Custom Tortillas

First, I can suggest a few popular places known for their delicious high quality tortillas in the Lubbock:

  1. Las Brisas Southwest Steakhouse: Known for their fresh homemade flour tortillas, Las Brisas Southwest Steakhouse is a popular spot for Tex-Mex cuisine in Lubbock.

  2. Ramirez Tortilleria: This family-owned tortilleria makes authentic Mexican-style tortillas and sells them in their store, as well as to other local restaurants and grocery stores.

  3. Rosa's Cafe and Tortilla Factory: This chain restaurant specializes in Tex-Mex cuisine and is known for their freshly made flour tortillas.

  4. El Supermercado: This Hispanic grocery store in Lubbock is known for its fresh produce and a variety of Mexican food items, including tortillas.

Please note that the quality of these tortillas may vary so it is always best to plan a meal at one of these quality restaurants to taste the tortillas before purchasing them for Red Raider football game day.

HEB Gets a Special Mention for Quality and Quantity Tortillas

If you are looking for a unique blend of quality and quantity for tortilla throwing at the football game then HEB is a good option. They have even made commercials just for their tortillas. It is almost like they want all Texas Tech to buy tortillas only from HEB.  

Commercial Grocery Store Tortillas for High Quantity

Here are the top 5 grocery stores in Lubbock, Texas for buying inexpensive high quantity corn and flour tortillas:

  1. United Supermarkets: A locally owned grocery chain with multiple locations in Lubbock, United Supermarkets has expanded its manufacturing operations as well as introduced two new tortilla productsNew machinery has allowed the company to produce 9,600 flour tortillas every hour.

  2. Walmart Supercenter: As a nationwide chain, Walmart Supercenter offers a wide variety of grocery items, household goods, tortillas, and pharmacy services at competitive prices.

  3. Market Street: This upscale grocery store chain offers a wide selection of gourmet and organic foods, as well as a full-service bakery, tortillas, and deli.

  4. Natural Grocers: A health food store chain, Natural Grocers specializes in natural and organic foods, supplements, tortillas, and personal care products.

  5. Aldi: As a discount grocery store chain, Aldi offers a range of affordable grocery items, including fresh produce, meat, tortillas, and dairy products.

Please note that the popularity of these stores may vary depending on the individual preferences and needs of your tortilla throwing. 

Texas Tech Students Have Choices for Football Game Tortillas

As a Texas Tech student, it is important to have choices about tortillas because not everyone has the same throwing needs and preferences. Some prefer flour tortillas over corn tortillas. Having choices about tortillas allows for a more personalized and enjoyable game day experience.

Furthermore, having choices about tortillas reflects the diversity of the Texas Tech community. By offering a variety of tortilla options, the Lubbock grocery stores are showing that it values the needs and preferences of all Red Raider students and fans. Ultimately, having choices about tortillas makes for a more enjoyable game day experience for everyone. Throw'em and Wear'em on game days in Lubbock.

Wear'em, Throw'em, and Wreck'em

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