Best Unique Tortilla Themed Gift Ideas

Looking for a tortilla themed gift idea for friends or family? Here are the top 10 gift ideas with tortilla themes. These are especially popular in Lubbock, Texas for Texas Tech Red Raider fans. There is a tradition at Texas Tech of throwing tortillas at the kick-off during football games. These 10 tortilla style gift ideas are great for tailgates, parties, halloween, cook-offs, game time and other events. 

Top 10 Best Tortilla Theme Style Gift Ideas Unique Texas Tech Red Raider



1. Tortilla Blanket

Tortilla Blanket for Adult and Kids, Giant Funny Realistic Throw Blankets Novelty Soft Flannel Blanket (Double Sided) 71-inches across with over 56,900 ratings ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ on Amazon.


2. Baby Tortilla Blanket and Hat Set

Tortilla Swaddle Blanket for Baby, Wrap Tortilla Safe Flannel Shower Blanket with Hat, Great Gift for Baby (36 Inch) 71-inches across with over 2,070 ratings ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ on Amazon.


3. Black Tortilla T-Shirt

Simple Style Tortilla T-Shirt to make a focused statement about tortilla love. Less is more with this all black t-shirt. Available in several t-shirt colors.


4. Oversized Tortilla Hoodie

Oversized Wearable Tortilla Hoodie Sweatshirt for Women and Men with Deep Pockets on colder, winter, windy days with over 900 ratings ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ on Amazon.


5. Dog Tortilla Hoodie Jacket

Tortilla Dog Hoodie Winter Coat Jacket Pullover for keeping your pet in tortilla fashion. Great pet accessory for the modern family.


6. Tortilla Style Christmas Hanging Stocking

Tortilla Style Christmas Stockings Fireplace Hanging Stocking Ornament for Holiday Party Family Decorations that make a weird and wonderful statement to your family and guests.


7. Tortilla Slippers for Students, Mom, and Dad

Tortilla Indoor Slipper Gifts For Students, Mom, and Dad to keep feet toasty warm and wrapped like a foot burrito.


8. Womens Tortilla T-shirt

Women's "You Had Me At Tortillas" Funny Tortilla Fan V-Neck T-Shirt for game day representation of the tortilla life. Great for a student, mom, sister, or grandma.


9. Tortilla Bucket Hat

Funny Tortilla Bucket Hat for Men or Women as a Cute Fisherman Cap or Sun Hat for Summer Outdoor Beach days.


10. Men's Tortilla Style T-Shirt

Men's Tortilla Short Sleeve T-Shirt Crew Neck with 3D Print Tee Shirts for warm day weather at tortilla theme parties and game day events.


If you are looking to get a family or friend a unique gift idea with the tortilla as the primary theme of your gift then choose one of these top 10 best buys. Continue to search for over 160+ tortilla gift ideas. We have gifts for decor, fashion, pets, home, office, babies, and more. We curated the most interesting and weird gifts available in the tortilla theme.