Throwing Tortillas at Tech Football Games


Texas Tech Red Raider fans have been throwing tortillas at football games since the early 1990's. The 30+ year tradition has been shrouded in mystery. Who started the tortilla throwing tradition? What do the tortillas mean? Website - Tortilla Style is a website created to honor this long tradition with Texas Tech Red Raider fans. The tortilla culture for students, alumni, and fans continues to grow. Now, products like blankets, pillows, towels, cups, pants, shirts, home decor, and more are being created in the tortilla style.

Are you ready for tortilla fashion? Do you need to upgrade your game day look with a bold tortilla style. Now, we have a website to curate the best tortilla life style products to encourage the rebel tradition of Texas Tech tortilla tossing. 

Tossing and Wearing Tortilla Fashion

We are proud of the amazing and weird products we have found on Amazon to get you geared up for game day or for inviting family and friends to the house for a watch party. Enjoy the fun. Find your tortilla style: Start Shopping Tortilla Collections

Tortilla t-shirt for Texas Tech Red Raider Football Fans


Men Women tortilla hoodie for tech raider fans

womens tortilla funny fashion style t-shirt tee shirt


tortilla baby blanket and hat wrap


Tortilla bucket Style hat for throwing tortillas

 Tech Tortillas in Lubbock Red Raider Football Game Tradition Video