How to Smuggle Tortillas into Tech Football Games

How to Smuggle Tortillas into Tech Football Games

All Texas Tech Red Raider football fans are familiar with throwing tortillas onto the field at kickoff. Although the university has banned students from bringing them into the Jones AT&T Stadium, and they have a clear bag policy in place, students still find ways to sneak tortillas into the stadium. But, what is the best method? Here are a few ideas to get past security at the gates. 

Smuggle Tortillas into Texas Tech football game in boots

Put Tortillas in Your Cowboy Boots

This is probably the easiest way to conceal a tortilla. Many Tech fans are wearing boots anyway, so they just have to slide a 10 or 20 pack of tortillas right inside the boot. Be careful with this one though, the stadium's security will sometimes check your shoes for stray tortillas.

Smuggle Tortillas into Texas Tech football game tape to stomach

Tape Tortillas to Your Stomach

This is one of the more extreme smuggling operations. It is a hands free way to get tortillas in with some loose clothing and some tape sticking tortillas to your torso. Good strategy for getting a 50 pack into the stadium but beware of the 'pant down' by security. 

Hide Tortillas into Texas Tech football game in cowboy hat

Tuck Tortillas in Your Cowboy Hat

West Texas has authentic cowboys and a good number of posers too. Either way if you want to get Tortillas into the Tech football game then consider stacking a pack or two inside that 10-gallon cowboy hat. It can be a balancing act to keep them concealed but it is a proven effective strategy to get tortillas into the game.

Smuggle Tortillas into Texas Tech football game in blue jeans

Stuff Tortillas Down Your Pants

Just like the cowboy boot option, this is a super simple and often effective way to get tortillas into the game and ready for kick-off. Just stuff it right in the front, or backside, of your blue jeans. 

Tortillas into Texas Tech football game with Belt Buckle

Fold Tortillas Behind Your Belt Buckle

We know there are some big belt buckles in West Texas. While they are good for holding up a pair of wranglers they can also be used to hide tortilla contraband from security at the game entrance. Fold it, stuff it, and toss it.

Hide Tortillas Texas Tech football game with older relatives grandparents

Ask Your Grandparents to Bring Tortillas For You

Grandparents are one of the best ways to get tortillas into the game using any of the methods mentioned above because what security official is going to search a grandparent? Some of the largest quantities of tortillas into Red Reader games have been through grandparent mules. It is an often overlooked strategy to getting large quantities of flour and corn tortillas into the game. So include your older family members in the tradition of throwing tortillas at Tech football games. 

Get Tortilla Fashion and Wear it into the Game

Instead of bringing tortillas into the game start wearing tortilla fashions at the game. There is a full fashion category at for wearable tortilla styles. If you do not want to risk being caught with tortillas to throw then just wear the tortilla style. 

Girl Women Tortilla Tshirt

Tortilla Hoodie

Texas Tech Game Day Tortilla T-shirt

Tortilla Style Hat for Red Raider fans

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